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It was in 1864 when the businessman in Dubí Anton Tschinkel purchased from the son of the oldest local family Florian Walter building No 55 and built in that place a manufacture for production of maiolica and after ten years, he started also production of porcelain. Originally, there used to be a mill, called Lower Forest Mill in present Tovární street. Although Mr. Tschinkel was one of the richest businessmen in the surroundings, he did not stand up the devastating crisis in the eightieth and on January 5, 1885 he went bankrupt. He sold the china factory to the German firm O.C.Teuchert from the near Meissen. The firm started in the purchased factory they called Filliale Eichwald der Meissen Ofen – und Porzellanfabrik Specialitat: Meissen Zwiebel muster in allen Variationen production of porcelain with cobalt “onion” ornament. After eleven years, due to problems with customs (Dubí was subject to Austria-Hungary, therefore to Vienna), the well-established factory was sold to the industrial businessman Bernard Bloch who operate it under the name Eichwalder Porzellan – und Ofen – Fabrik Bloch & Co. Bohmen until 1938 when it got under administration of the German Empire and was “purchase out” in 1942 and operated under the name Porzellan Fabrik Dr. Widera Eichwald.

HistorieIn 1945, it got under the Czech state which operated it under the national administration, until nationalization in 1948 it was managed by the Czech pre-war specialist Josef Šimek. From that time until 1991, the porcelain factory was a state-owned company and was integrated as a plant under various associations, like Spojené keramické závody Teplice, Duchcovský porcelán, národní podnik, since 1958 under the concern Karlovarský porcelán.

After privatizing in 1991, the porcelain factory spun-off under the name Český porcelán akciová společnost Dubí. Through a merger in 2009, it merged with Porcelánová manufaktura Royal Dux in Duchcov which became a plant of Český porcelán Dubí specialised in production of figural and decorative porcelain. History of that plant goes back up to 1853 and its trademark Royal Dux is worldwide known and appreciated for its wide assortment and quality products.

Since its separation, the porcelain factory has been organizing every year, always in June, international workshops, alternatively as biennale so called mug symposium and symposium on cobalt painting under glaze.

Český porcelán purchased for its own funds a ceramic factory in its surroundings, formerly owned by Riedel firm and rebuilt it into a production studio for students of Arts and Design College of University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně from the regional capital Ústí nad Labem where also foreign students on their study visits work together with their Czech colleagues. The joint-stock company works closely with the college in its work on the shape and decoration.

Český porcelán a.s. is the holder of the Czech award “Rodinné stříbro” (Family Silver), it has been among the Czech 100 top firms in the Czech Republic in eight years. The company has received already seven times a diploma of 100 most admired Czech firms. Three times it has been awarded the international diploma Golden Trophy for quality, and other awards.

The company Český porcelán has 270 – 300 qualified employees, mostly apprenticed in own apprentice centre. It has 5 own shops. Very successful is also its cooperation with the largest Dům porcelánu (Porcelain Showroom) in Prague the founder of which has been, from the very beginning, an important shareholder of the company in which 10% of shares are owned by former and present employees.

Since its foundation, the company not only has stable management, but also stable Boards – the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board – which fact is one of stabilizing factors in the company. We have 4 own representatives abroad. Our export ranges from 60 – 70%. We are long-term and regular exhibitors at fairs AMBIENTE in Frankfurt, Germany. We cooperate with 4 foreign and 2 domestic porcelain firms.

What is our strength is the quality and timely delivery and in particular flexible response to demands and recommendations of customers as to fast innovation of shapes and decoration.


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Cesky porcelan, joint-stock company

Tovarni 605/17 | 417 01 Dubi I
phone: + 420 417 518 111
fax: + 420 417 571 968
e-mail: info@cesky.porcelan.cz

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